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Artificial Grass Maintenance

We specialize in maintaining all types of artificial grass pitches. From tennis courts to soccer pitches. We provide the most effective maintenance methods that befit the vitality of your sports club and artificial pitch. We can do this on a weekly, monthly, yearly, or bi-annual basis. For example, a semi-water hockey pitch requires different maintenance methods than a tennis court. We can assist you in creating a maintenance plan, providing you with a forecast of approximately how long your artificial pitch will last. Want to perform maintenance on your artificial grass soccer pitch or tennis court? Please contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and give you tips about how to keep your pitch in top condition.

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    Why maintenance of artificial grass pitches

    Although artificial grass pitches are low-maintenance, they are not maintenance-free. The average lifespan of an artificial grass pitch is around 12 years. However, a pitch's life span can be significantly extended with professional and consistent maintenance. We perform annual or bi-annual maintenance. It is very common for algae or moss to start growing between the artificial grass. You can prevent this by treating the artificial grass with anti-algae or anti-moss products several times a year. In addition, artificial grass needs to be brushed regularly. This strongly depends on the quality of the artificial grass, the environment of the pitch, and intensity of use. There may also be situations where weeds suddenly start growing out of the artificial grass. A lot of maintenance can be performed by yourself, but we are happy to do this in consultation. As long as you maintain your artificial grass pitch correctly, we guarantee many years of enjoyment of your pitch.

    Advantages of an artificial grass pitch

    Artificial pitches can no longer be ignored in the sports world. There's obviously good reason for this. A single artificial pitch has the same capacity as three natural grass pitches, for instance. Below are several important reasons for clubs to replace natural grass with artificial grass:
    • Always playable under constant playing characteristics and circumstances;
    • Artificial grass is insensitive to weather and wind;
    • Artificial grass has more capacity;
    • Artificial grass takes up less space.


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