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About us

We maintain, revitalize and dismantle artificial grass pitches.

Silica Nova is a leading expert in the maintenance, revitalization and dismantling of artificial grass. Our team is highly experienced and capable of maintaining any type of artificial grass. We specialise in artificial grass tennis courts, hockey pitches, soccer pitches and korfball pitches. Although our service area extends primarily to the Netherlands, we also occasionally provide services in and outside the EU. Thanks to our 25 years of experience in the industry, we know exactly what issues require our attention and consider ourselves experts in maintaining artificial grass surfaces. Our clients include municipalities, sports clubs and contractors. The strength of our company lies in our creativity, solution-oriented thinking and short lines of communication. Moreover, our priority lies with offering quality maintenance and rather than the installation procedure. We will ensure that your artificial grass remains maintenance free for years to come.

Please contact us for free to discuss how your club can benefit from the installation of artificial grass surfaces.

We extend the life span of your artificial grass


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