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Maintenance of an Artificial Tennis Court

Annual maintenance will keep your tennis court in top condition. On tennis courts, hardening often occurs near the baselines. The sand level in this area is especially important.

During annual maintenance of an artificial tennis court, we apply the dry maintenance method. In addition to annual maintenance, an artificial tennis court may also be revitalized.


A tennis court is maintained by means of the dry method. During this process, the maintenance machine brushes the higher-lying sand between the fibres onto a sieve plate, on which the coarse dirt remains. The coarse dirt subsequently remains on the sieve plate. The sand is simultaneously exposed to vacuum, so that anything lighter than the sand is removed and collected in a filter box. The clean sand then falls back onto the court. In case excessive hardening occurs around the baselines, we will stir up the court to make it extra loose in this area.


After cleaning, we will smooth out the sand in the tennis court with a tractor and brush. If necessary, we will add extra sand to the court.


In case a tennis court is seriously polluted and has poor water permeability, we may be able to revitalize it. In this situation, the tennis court likely no longer meets the technical standards of the sport. For the court to last at least another 5 years, however, the fibres must still be of sufficient length. During the revitalization process, approx. 10 tonnes of polluted sand are blown out of the court, without the fibres becoming damaged. After the dirty sand has been removed, we will perform any necessary repairs. Afterwards we will re-sand the court by carefully sprinkling small layers of new sand over the court and brushing it so that it is equally distributed. Following revitalization, the tennis court will be as new and last for many years to come.

Sustainable Solution

Revitalization of an artificial tennis court is a sustainable solution. Instead of demolishing the court and having a new one installed, we can literally blow new life into the current court by means of compressed air. As a result, the court can last for many years to come.

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