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Artificial Grass Dismantling

Artificial grass surfaces that are used intensively will typically last about 12 years. In addition, the life expectancy of artificial surfaces will also depend on the planned and specialised maintenance that was carried out. At the end of this period, the artificial grass will have to be removed, after which it can be recycled or re-used. We offer the possibility of separating the artificial grass from the sand and rubber infill. After the separation process is completed, the infill material is placed into separate storage bags.

Re-using Artificial Grass

Silica Nova has designed equipment specifically for extracting sand and rubber infill from artificial grass and separating these components. The sand or rubber, provided it is still of acceptable quality, can be re-used on the installation of new artificial grass. This will save you a lot of money when the time has come to replace or remove your sports pitch. An artificial field is often only worn in the most played areas. The other artificial grass is still fine to use for other purposes, such as mini playing fields. This is a nice form of re-using artificial grass.

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    Artificial Grass Removal

    If you choose to remove your artificial grass, you may want to consider an environmentally friendly solution. We offer the option of separating your waste materials and sending it to several recycling facilities. Separating different types of waste components is important as this makes it easier for recyclers to process. Currently, old artificial grass is increasingly being recycled into plastic components for the automotive industry.

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    Re-locating an Artificial Grass pitch

    We will also gladly share our expert knowledge and skills if you are thinking of re-locating any of your artificial grass surfaces, for example when relocating a sports centre, or when relocating your sports main pitch to a practice pitch.

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